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Sentinel - Spell Rebuke

Hi, its seems some update for Rebuke is not working.

The first probleme is I put 3 point on Brave the element (each point give me 100 ele protec but ) instead of having 300 ele protec only got 100.
The second is i took Protective legacy who give me Brave the element buff during 2sec after finishing channeling but instead my buff isnt working after channeling my elemental protection disaper.

So the correct thing is the Brave of the element must give me 300 ele protect instead of 100.
and he must give me this buff during the amount of time 2 sec + (% increased duration if taking the last point).
Sorry since i am New i cant post more than 1 image so it cant help but i will show u what i picked.

Best regards


These will be fixed next patch. Thanks!

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