[Sentinel] Rive" Indomitable" node energy waves not working correctly

When using the “Indomitable” node under Rive’s skill tree I have noticed some extremely inconsistent behavior from the triggered “Energy Wave” skill. Sometime the wave doesn’t fire off on the first attack in the chain even when at 100% hp, sometimes the wave doesn’t “travel through enemies” as the tooltip suggests, sometimes it works as what I assume must be intended and pierces all enemies for a set distance. The lack of piercing seems to intensify when using rive on enemies that are at point blank distance, but I have also observed it failing to do so on distant enemies that are still well within it’s set range. If it only has a chance to pierce perhaps the tooltip would need to be updated to reflect this, though it still wouldn’t explain why it sometimes fails to tigger the energy waves entirely when at full hp.

It’s entirely possible that the projectile is being absorbed by mobs the same as Hammers & other projectiles are.

This is very likely to be a result of a collider problem we were having. 0.8.3c should have addressed this issue. Are you still having problems with Energy Wave in Rive after the hotfix?

For about 10 minutes of testing the “Energy Wave” node worked properly with no issues, so I do believe this bug has been fixed, many thanks!

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