Sentinel: Rebuke causes all other skills to lock

What went wrong? When using the rebuke skill on any hotkey, it has a good chance to prevent any further attacks being used. The hotkey icons will show as being pressed in, but they will not trigger the action. I have to leave the area before it will work again. So far I’ve only noticed it when fighting enemies and I’m hit by them, and it doesnt always happen immediately. I fought 3 whole packs of voidspawn earlier before it locked up.

I am experiencing this bug as well. I have been able to replicate it with the following actions.

Platform: PC With Mouse and Keyboard
Class: Sentinel
Mastery: Void Knight

  1. Channel Rebuke
  2. While Channeling Rebuke Left click to move but still hold Rebuke so you do not move or break the channel.
  3. Use any skill to break rebuke while still trying to move.

Outcome: Character animation goes off but not any of the VFX for the skill. Character then starts gliding and cannot cast or attack at all except for Volatile reversal for some reason. Have to rezone to be able to attack again.

What does not appear to be related to the bug:

  • Took of all gear and can still replicate the bug
  • can done some decent respeccing but have not totally respecc’d Rebuke.
  • I do not have any of the Rebuke passives on Sentinel allocated
  • Only seems to happen when attempting to move. If you just use a skill to cancel rebuke without moving it does not replicate the bug.

I can provide a video or additional info if needed.

I can’t reproduce this. Could you share a video?