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Sentinel Minions Build wave 300+

Play some minions as sentinel and see how far you can go, thanks @misha


Now that is really interesting. Good job Misha, and thank you for the video Boardman. Very cool concept and execution.

@boardman21 this is so smart, i had my own Forge guard build based on your Abyssal echo guide, but i used hammer throw with some smite proc instead (might post is some day, cuz i feel it’s bit stonger then abyssal echo) and was able to push 215 waves with sub-par gear and doing ~50 waves in monolith consistently. But this one, oh man… so fun to see those mobs just kill themselves. Just outstanding! Keep up the good work man, your videos with new builds is really what makes me keep playing the game, re-gearing, re-speccing, trying something new. Huge respect.
Getting those Solarum armr pieces with right stats and looking for new affixes (posion and necrotic as physical) is really tough tho. They’re so rare


Yeah couple millions in gold should get a good base one that you can craft on

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