Sentinel Lunge - Video bug example/Recreation steps

TLDR: Video example of lunge bug, with examples of how to recreate it.

When trying to lunge, occasionally the character gets locked in the lunge animation and does not move, and is unable to be broken out by most actions (clicking to move, potions, any action that does not have an animation like volatile reversal, another lunge cast) Actions that make a player animation (hammer throw, anomaly, javelin, cleave, auto attack, rive etc) all have animations and will break the player out of the stuck state. There is no time limit, lunge will stay stuck indefinitely until the player causes another animation.

Scenarios where lunge can get bugged:

-Around a shrine with items on the ground (this specific shrine was shrine of rare scorpions)
-When an enemy is partially around half-cover (fences, rocks, things characters cant move through but can see through)
-When an enemy is entirely behind soft cover (fences, rocks, things characters cant move through but can see through)
-When an enemy is partially around hard cover (buildings, chasms, things the character cant move through)
-When an enemy is partially around “extra hard cover” (random rocks, buildings, and walls that delete projectiles when they touch them, projectiles cannot move through them etc.)
-When an enemy behind a shrine
-When lunge targets destructible environment elements (boxes, piles of wood, breakables)
-When lunge targets an enemy near, behind, or partially behind breakables (boxes, piles of wood etc)

You can see this in the first 5 minutes of creating a sentinel, casting lunge at boxes around the starting forest. Traveling a bit further to the bridge area will let you see the many ways it incorrectly interacts with enemies. Would not recommend using lunge on any hardcore character right now.

I know this is a known bug, just wanted to include a video with examples that the devs could take a look at recreating to be able to resolve the root cause.




I have just tried running T1 Temporal Sanctum and managed to record a video with multiple recreations of the bug. The animation is bugged almost always, except when you target a close enemy emerged some time ago. If the enemy have not appeared yet, lunge is bugged.
Lunge is unspecced.

I’ve gotten this a lot, sometimes I just click it without a target and it happens, or in open areas to enemies it happens, it’s very random and very frustrating.

The latest one was in the lowest level monolith you first go to. I got to the third echo mission to fight the boss with the lantern things in the corners. I lunged to all of them and killed them except the top left one. I accidentally left it alive so went to lunge back to it to finish it off but got stuck.

So just played a bit and got 3 clips in 10 minutes of it happening. It happens a LOT.

See below unlisted vid, just trimmed the recordings and made it one run. This was all in the first lowest level monolith, Fall of the outcasts.

Player-prev.log (200.0 KB)

Had it in a few occasions, too in multiplayer where I lunge on an enemy and my friend kills this mob at the same time.

Happened to me the first time just now, I think the cause is using Lunge on submerged enemies, I could only get out of the stuck animation by using Lunge on an enemy again.

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Yeah this happens to me all the time, if theres a target that will appear once approched and a lunge is attempted you will freeze in place needing to use an ability with an animation to break free, you can even open a portal and go thru but will remain frozen in place once on the other side. Most times there are other enemies around and u can use lunge again to break free and if not u can switch an ability on ur bar to rive etc. and break urself free. The problem comes on echos where u need to kill the towers. If u get frozen right as the towers are attacking, ur dead. Plz fix. This persisting patch after patch is disappointing

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