Sentinel Lunge Bug

Am i the only one who can consistantly freeze my sentinel by using Lunge and having my mouse on the edge of my monitor? It keep me in place and to move i need to input another spell.


Related: If you hold Lunge with no targets around, you’ll start walking and then get stuck in a Lunge animation if a “breakable” object comes on screen.

Edit: Movement is irrelevant. Hold lunge with no target, then hover a breakable object.

That’s not what happens, i don’t need to hold it, just seems that the game ‘sees’ a target that is offscreen and starts the animation and then i get stuck like in the image. I cannot walk or do anything

There is a known issue trying to use skills that require a target (such as Lunge) without a target, which is probably what’s happening here.

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This is a known issue. We have a fix in the works. Thanks for the report.

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