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Sentinel Input Buffering

Quickly Double-Clicking has different responses from the game depending on skill. Feels like input buffering or lag, and I would vote to exclude this from the game.

See Clip: Twitch

Have noticed similar but I didnt attribute it to lag or buffering but rather to the animation timings which I feel are way off in some cases. especially for skills that feel like they should be faster than others - like Rive should be faster than Vengeance but it doesnt “feel” like that… Almost like what happens with Dancing Strike - something just feels off… as if there is a split second of dead time in the animation.

My gut feeling is that the issue is a combination of factors - animation timings when using 2h/1h weapons, how attack speed “fits” into these timings and obviously input buffering (which if I recall the devs mentioned in a recent patch)… not sure if lag is involved but maybe its another factor…

Whatever the cause, I agree… something isnt right…

appending this, as a possible cultprit: