Sentinel // Forge Guard possible Skill Bugs

Shield Crafter – Requires a shield “Block” to occur and then only has a 3% chance of occurring at max level – Doesn’t happen often enough and feels bad. Not saying this should have 100% uptime but it happens so rarely that the points are wasted. Even with Bastion of Honour equipped I could literally clear an Echo without it triggering once.

Smite – When auto-proccing Smite through Warpath, it doesn’t seem like the Righteous Fury nor Righteous Flurry nodes are triggering. I do not see a buff marker for either even when manually casting Smite. Tooltip should be clearer on how these buffs are triggered.

Smite – Desperate Measures node is non-functional. Smite procc’d through Warpath will still cost mana even if your mana goes negative. When your mana goes negative, this node should trigger.

Manifest Armor – Tooltip is exceptionally unclear as to what “Increase effects of stats” actually means. Does this node only refer to attributes? What about Implicits? Affixes? I literally cannot tell the difference for MA regardless of what chest/boots/helm/gloves I have equipped.

Rive/Warpath/Forge Strike – Is there a cooldown to summoning a Forged Weapon? I have the SunForged Chest equipped (9% chance to summon on being hit yourself), and have tried Rive (Bound Weapon node), Warpath (Forgemaster Stance and Moving Forge nodes), and Forge Strike (Mass Production Node) to summon Forged weapons faster, but can only seem to get about 1 every 2.5 seconds regardless of what nodes/skills are being used. Is this by design? (side note: there should be a node/passive/unique to allow these minions to not have a duration as keeping them alive/up in endgame becomes nigh impossible even with +900% minion health on Corr 100 basic Empowered Echoes)

Ring of Shields – When a hit is blocked or tanked with RoS it lowers the chance for you to be hit, which then negates a lot of on-hit effects for Forge Guard. Also, shields created do not seem to be gaining any effects from the equipped shield.

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