Sentinel( Forge Guard) Crushing Blow

Crushing Blow doesn’t add damage to Hammer Throw. Before putting a point in Crushing Blow, I see my Hammer Throw DPS at 1396. After putting a point in, it still shows my DPS at 1396. Testing with actual hits confirms.

If it matters, I do have Mana Starved Forging, which reduces Hammer Throw’s mana cost to 0 when I’m out of mana. Normally, Hammer Throw costs 15 mana, and so I’d expect 0.5% x 15 = 7.5% increased damage for Hammer Throw.

Also, the [alt] more information for Crushing Blow has a paragraph that only mentions melee and not throwing, making me suspect throwing was added on later but not implemented.

Hi there, Welcome to the forums…

There are possibly a few things at play here…

  1. Are you getting the DPS from the tooltip or from testing against a dummy? Reason I ask is that tooltips dont always make correct calculations - especially on conditional damage changes like the Crushing Blow… Its better to actually use the skill on a dummy and compare the differences in values of the hits that popup.

  2. The game has a variance of about 20% up or down (exact % is unknown but the devs were willing to confirm 20% ish) in damage calculations - i.e. if a hit calc says its going to do 10 damage per hit (ignoring other things), the game variance can be as low as 8 or high as 12… This usually means that a small increase in damage may actually not be noticable… ie… you may need to put all all 6 point into the node to be sure if its working or not…

I have used this particular node with other throwing skills so I am fairly confident that it does work with throwing attacks… that said, its always possible that some interaction is causing an issue.

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