Sentinel Adorned Rahyeh 2x2 Idol Suffixes

For the Adorned Rahyeh 2x2 Idol, there are Physical and Void Damage over Time suffixes available as stat rolls, however Fire Damage Over Time is not available as a suffix stat roll on the Adorned 2x2 Idol. It would make sense to have this added since Physical, Fire, and Void are the three main elements of-use by most Sentinel builds. Thank you for hearing my input!

I don’t think they want all the good affixes to be able to spawn on one particular idol.

I think “good affixes” are very relative to the eye of the beholder. I don’t think all affixes currently available on the Adorned 2x2 Idol are “good”, but that’s just my opinion. I think fire sentinel/paladin builds could use the support which is why I posted the suggestion. Hopefully there’s others out there who agree with me :slight_smile:

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