Self-closing inventory


so basically if I click on my stash when I’m trading with an NPC, the stash opens up but my inventory doesn’t stay open. It just closes up right after I open my stash.

I’ve made a video to showcase what I’m talking about → LE - YouTube


e/: Just did the same with the gambler Artem and everything works just fine there.

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Unfortunately (Annoyingly?) this is a known issue that has yet to be fixed… I figure its at the bottom of the devs long list of things to fix when they have a moment… Thankfully its not too serious… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Tried to search for it by keywords and didn’t find anything, hence my post.
Well, if they know about it they’ll fix it soon enough. As you’ve said, it’s minor but noticeable.

It would be nice if they had a sticky topic with known issues.

Yah probably - the search is sometimes a little tricky to find things… and the older posts that may seem relevent are not anymore because they refer to game patches that have been replaced…

However, I think that having bug info so easily accessible for the public may potentially be used for nefarious purposes - like taking advantage of a bug to cheat… Might also not be good from a marketing perspective to have a long list of issues for all to see. Especially when its still beta.

100% sure that KissingAiur (EHG staff that usually replies to bug posts) & others have an internal list they are working from… :wink:

This is a known issue; thank you for the report.

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