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Seeking tips advice on beastmaster character building

Hi all, I am relative new to LE. This is my second character and would like to seek some advices on this physical damage one:

  1. If I want to have more than 3 companions, I must use wolves. How good are they in scaling till end game?
  2. Is bleeding recommended? I dont know if I should ho for damage plus crit, or speed plus bleeding.
  3. Is there any companion synergy - e.g. wolves mix with a bear.
  4. What is the recommended defence mechanism? Dodge? Leech? Life Regen? I currently try to leech and so far so good. Sometimes will be killed instantly by elements but most of the time can hold it.
  5. Do you recommend 2H or Dual? I currently has a slight preference for 2H

Many thanks!!!

You do not need to go for wolves, you can use any combination of companions. Also don’t neglect Spriggan Companion on Druid, it has great supportive capabilities.

Both ailments and hit/crit is very strong. I wouldn’t say one is superior to the other. But since ailments don’t benefit from crit going hybrid is not recommended generally

I wouldn’t say there are mandatory synergies, of course some companion to synergies very well, you should generally try to go for the same damage type e.g. physical for example and then some companion have things like physical shred etc. But you often times can convert damage types of companions.
Just pick which ever you like the most or experiment.

I would strongly seperate “defense” and “sustain”.
For defense dodge is definitely a easy and very well supported defensive layer, but dodge solely will not be sufficient, you defintiely want to combine that with either health and/or some resistance. (Note that capping resistances is not as mandatory in LE, as in other games, but having some resistance is never a bad thing). But if you can reach like 1,5-2k health you do not need to have capped resistances if you combine that with some dodge.

For sustain i would advice you to focus on either Health Regen or leech, both has some support within Primalist/Beastmaster Tree.

Since you wanted to go with 3 companions, you will be definitely mor minion focused and you will probably not deal as much damage yourself. I would recommend 1h+shield or 2h, since dual wield has the best offense, but comes with a huge defensive trade-off, which is probably not worth, since you will have to invest alot into your minions.
Just to sumarize:
1h+shield = best defensive
2h = good offense, but no downside
DW = best offense, but huge defensive downside

This also will affect you choice for Point No.4
If you focus mroe on your minions i would personally go for health regen, since that’s alot saver and more reliable and you don’t need to do as much damage yourself to have good sustain.

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Love it!

I actually dont know if I should focus on the companions or the character itself. I just thought that since I am using a beastmaster I should go for companions.

If I want to main the character itself with physical hit/crit, how would you recommend the companion mix?

If you want to go 3 companions you could try raptor + sabertooth + wolf or bear. But you should really test thigns out yourself. (Raptor is definitely the most offensive companion and also has physical shred if specced).
You can also go for Physical Scorpion. There are so many possiblities, i can’t even recommend one, because they are all so awesome.

Since respeccign and changing is quiet easy i high suggest you try all companions and see which one you like the most.
Especially the active companion skills can detemine how much you like a given companion.

Also frenzy totem can be crazy good if you have alot of companion. You can spec frenzy totem into giving armor shred on hit for all allies affected, which can stack very high, when you and all your companions hitting the same target.

Armor shred is really strong if you are going hit/crit.

Also frenzy totem has alot of support for specific companions and can also reset companion active skill cooldown.

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Thanks Heavy! Will try!

Heavy answered but i just wanted to add, Wolves scale quite well as do all companions but synergizing with the aspect buffs inside of beastmaster tree can take any companion to endgame. If your building dots i highly recommend building into Aspect of the viper. For crit build into Aspect of the lynx, and for both builds you want aspect of the shark and make it stackable as you can get 10% Attack speed per stack and Against packs of mobs/rares/bosses you can easily get up to 30-40 Stacks so not only do you get 300% attack speed, but so do all your minions.

As heavy stated both dots and crit version are viable. Aspect of the viper gives all your companions 100% poison chance, entangling roots (5 points in druid tree) can give your wolves/scorpion/bear? another 120% i believe and additional attack speed.
Frenzy totem will not only give you and your companions additional attack speed but it can also give your companions FLAT melee physical damage AND on wolf howl 250% more CRIT chance OR if your building dots can give an additional 50% poison chance.

Entangling Roots + frenzy totems is a powerful combo for companions. Any build Variation

Yes there is ALOT of this. Look through entangling roots/ buffs from frenzy totems/ eterras blessing and you will find pairs or trios of companions that do well with each other.

For HIT damage builds Saber/Wolf/Raptor do amazing
For Dots Wolf/Scorpion/Bear retalition do amazing

There’s way more combos so check it out.

If your building into DOTS i recommend lots of Minion health/dodge and using entangling roots to heal them

If your build into crit hit minions i recommend Minion Health/dodge/leech with aspect of the lynx. Leech can outperform healing and save your mana.

Do not underestimate the power of dodge. 500-1000 Minion dodge (and alot is inside skill trees) along with 100% Glancing blow for minions inside passive tree can really increase your companions survivability significantly

This is pretty much all personal preference, Depending how much affixes you use for companions your survivability maybe lacking and dual weilding will just increase the damage you take.

That said there are some awesome unique that you can dual wield to help companion bleed builds out so throwing 2 of those on is sometimes worth the risk.

This one basically just falls on personal preference.

I would argue Spriggan Can out perform the raptor with both DPS and Survivability.
Making it DEFINITELY the most offensive and defensive companion

Thank you! Do you think that aspect of boar is worth investing as a defence mechanism? Or I should just focus on sharks? I guess at the end of the day I should have enough passive points but am around 55 now. Paper thin but leech back rapidly as long as I can attack. My element resistance is really low though.

Speaking of the aspects of boar/shark, we can obtain it in two ways right? Will the nodes be in effect regardless of how it is triggered?

Either triggar has same effect. Aspect of the boar is important especially into endgame level 75+

By level 100 you can be fully invested into all aspects. I would get boar before added durations