Seeking Peeps With Expertise In Gambler's Fallacy Unique

Hola Time Travellers

Here is what it says on the unique:

+(5-25) Health

+100% Critical strike chance if you have not dealt a critical strike recently 50% less Critical strike chance if you have dealt a critical strike recently Multiplicative with other modifiers

(10-15) Health Gain on Crit

There is no clarification on what “recently” actually means. My main is a lvl 67 Bladedancer that I’m doing my casual version of a min max, lol, the unique is for an alt I created just to have some fun, to break things up bit. That toon is an Glacial Sorcerer, fun to play.

I like only focusing on ramping up +cold dmg and + crit damage for casual play (and avoid crit perks on the passives & gear) to send everything flying. I love that part! But is “recently” an hour ago, a week ago, when I was first born? Should I add a little + crit in there or not a good idea? My crit chance is listed as 126% Yellow damage numbers means crit, yes? New to the game.

Would love your thoughts if you use this amulet.

Thanks! Dizzy

It’s 4 seconds. it doesn’t say on the unique but recently refers to 4 seconds in the game.

Some nodes may tell you when you use alt but you can also see it here:

Search… - Last Epoch Item Database (

The data on that site is taken from the game

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Thats crazy helpful. And that’s not bad! Thanks for the help.

Also, I did look it up there, but not seeing where you see the 4 seconds?

Look at highlighted

Also for Rogue, go to your skills, click dancing strikes, search “recent” look for the highlighted red node from search and hit “ALT” over it to see an example

edit: finally got these dumb image tags to work,. thanks @Llama8 the forums back in the day used to have the handy tags at the top with a few exceptions


Although I game on a PC, I work from a Mac, and the Option key (our alt key) is not showing that so in future, I look via my PC. Thanks for all the help, it is truly appreciated

And good research! Never would have thought to look at all mentions of recently. Another thing to remember.

If you dont already know about them: Other places to get this kind of info -

In-Game Guide - press G

Specific link to terminology but @Dammitt site has been expanded a LOT recently to include MUCH more than just builds/build planner - follow the links at the top)

Tunk Labs is also a very good place to to visit for things like checking EHP and defensive calcs and Simulating how often specific uniques chances are of dropping…

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