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Seek and Destroy! Devouring Orb Warpath Void Knight

Hey guys! First time i saw Devouring Orb, Abyssal Orbs it really reminded me back to PoE. Ive played hundreds of hours with Volatile Dead Detonate Dead and really wanted to make this work. I was not happy with the damage but i didn’t gave up. Finally after lots of tweaks of this build i can finally call it a build! Before you ask, No this is not a meta build, but do i enjoy it playing? HELL YES!!!

Im stacking Crit as much as i can up to 50% ctr and pushing the crit multiplier, spell damage and viod damage. Also i enjoy the high speed of thes buils waht makes it fun for speedruns. Abyssal Orbs are just seeking and destroying everything I’m sure you’ll love this combination. Cheers

Updade 14.12.2020 Weve replaced Ephemeral Stance for Anomaly for more single targed dps
Update: 14.12.2020 Dual Wielding added - more speed and damage

Dual Wielding:

Dual Wielding Showcase Vid:


For those want toplay dual wielding


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