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Seeing Damage Numbers

Loving this game so far, but I have an issue, I don’t know if it’s how the game is designed or if I’m missing something but;
When I change equipment, or just in general, I can’t see the raw damage my attack or abilities are doing. This is a bit of an issue considering more complex melee/magic abilities have strange synergies. Basically I can’t tell if items are upgrades or not, unless they are massively better. To be clear I’m asking if there is a way to see raw damage for each ability, not in-combat text, an actual side bar that will tell me Reposte does 23-34 dmg etc…

Yeah, it is tough right now. With equipment, its comes down to comparing %s. If your gear gives flat damage, it will almost always be a strict upgrade.

I figured I wasn’t missing anything, guess I’ll just have to maths for the more unclear potential upgrades.

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