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See Us Tomorrow at the IGDA's Indie Showcase!

We’re being featured in the Indie Showcase by the International Game Developers Assocation! The Indie Showcase begins at 2020-09-18T19:00:00Z. Expect to see us around 2020-09-18T20:30:00Z.

They’re streaming Last Epoch on Twitch, and we’re participating in an AMA if you’ve any questions about Last Epoch or Eleventh Hour Games. Catch us at

We hope to see you there!


hype dood

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I’ll be sure to set my alarm, and try to make it.

Great stuff!

I can’t wait! Will tune in for sure. You guys are doing an amazing job and the content you put our since I bought the game was quite impressive. Not to mention the fact that when you polish a game system, boy do you polish a game system!

If someone missed the stream you can see video record with LE gameplay here:

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