Searchable inventory and other various stash options

Basically just a small list of some QoL type stuff I have been thinking about while playing recently.

1. Searchable inventory: Maybe even just applying the stash search to the inventory while its open. I often find myself wishing I could do a simple search for a type of resistance, minion tag, or something similar in my inventory the same way I can in my stash.

2. PoE style affinities and more for tabs: Don’t think I have to say much more. The more automated I can make my stash the better. Some kind of loot filter level complexity for stash sorting would be really cool to see an option for.

3. Loot filter colors for stash/inventory: I’m one of those people that puts far too much work into their filters. It would be neat to have an option to toggle loot filter colors for my inventory or stash.


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