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Se7ntus's Rebuke Paladin Build [Campaign Only/Endgame Untested]




This build guide is intended to be for individuals who do not wish to min/max their builds and only wish to complete the campaign. However this does not mean the build is not viable for endgame.

[Endgame is determined by an NPC’s dialogue mentioning ENDGAME CONTENT]

Base Class
Forge Guard

Shield Throw
Ring of Shields
Holy Aura

DISCLAIMER: This Leveling Guide is from level 1-100. The build has not been tested beyond level 50. The ideas and methods are purely based on what worked for campaign. Anything above level 50 and up are subject to have varying results.

Passives [Clicking this will extend the page a LOT]

Before Ascension

First 5 Points: Fearless
Next 5 Points: Armour Clad
Next 5 Points: Iron Mastery
Next 5 Points: Gladiator
Next 5 Points: Aegis of Renewal

After Ascension

Next 5 Points: Honour
Next 5 Points: Holy Symbol [The one above Healing Hands]

Next 9 Points: Battle Hardened

Next 1 Point: Steel Aegis

Next 5 Points: Rallying Block

Next 3 Points: Iron Mastery
Next 3 Points: Fearless

Next 1 Point: Battle Hardened

Next 4 Points: Steel Aegis

Next 8 Points: Defiance

Next 1 Point: Holy Symbol [The one above Healing Hands]
Next 1 Point: Holy Symbol [The one above Sigils of Hope]
Next 1 Point: Prayer

MINUS 1 Point: Holy Symbol [The one above Sigils of Hope]

Next 5 Points: Prayer
Next 5 Points: Staunch Defender

Next 1 Point: Shield Wall

Next 4 Points: Staunch Defender

Next 5 Points: Divine Essence

Next 4 Points: Prayer

Next 1 Point: Staunch Defender
Next 1 Point: Divine Intervention

Next 8 Points: Iron Attunement
Next 8 Points: Inner Flame

What to Prioritize
  1. Health Regen Per Second/% Increased Health Regeneration

  2. Spell Damage/% Increased Spell Physical Damage

  3. Health/Vitality/Health Gained on Block/Ward Gained on Block

  4. Armor/Resistances

  5. Block Chance/Block Effectiveness

  6. Attunement [Barely increases Rebuke damage. Mainly used to increase heal amount]

  7. % Physical Damage Increase [Not as good as spell damage for Rebuke]

What to Prioritize

Same as the Gear Prioritization list.