Screw this game

Be careful how many damage modifiers you put on your monolith affixes (this is part of preparing for boss fights). Don’t stand in the vortexs or the beam. That’s it.

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its that wide beam that one shotted me. after killing that wengari 2 times it respawned again. so i had to focus on him, focus on the white whirling things focus on formosus himself trying to avoid the frozen ground. So much stuff happening in those boss fights that eventually i had to run over the frozen ground to not get hit by other stuff and that is when he cast the beam again. 10min of running , dodging and attackking down the drain. and then here you go set back 4 echoes. good luck with the new modifiers. And i always look at that clip when i get a new boss.

its not like you have much options. im always avoiding enrage more defense from life% i try to avoid more damage but not always an option. And your damage being reduced over time isnt helping either. i had formosus on 30ish% life left after many tries. just frustrating having to run echoes and another 10min boss fight

What is your build?

the lightning totem build that is on the primalist

Thanks, I can’t watch the video on my work pc, what’s your gear like (pics on would be best, especially if you could show the affix tiers)? But I accept that this might be a bit of an ask.

i looked at my gear its mostly all tier 12-15 on avg. with set dodge set ele resis and set gb on tier 5. here and there attunement and health - health%. the weapon has t5 spell and t5 light dam. orians eye for amulet

Hey Zwiebel!
I absolutely get your point. It’s really nice that all the people here jump in to help you with giving advices an analyse what to do to get you through this fight. I hope you guys are able to do this.

I hope EHG can find a way to keep bossfights hard and challanging but to erase the frustration potential.

I have high hopes that with implementation of multiplayer we dont have to talk about this anymore. If somebody gets stuck on hard content there will be people helping out by grouping up and playing toghether. This may result in every noob being able to beat every kind of content even with no skill and crappy gear, if he has friends that help him. And that’s fine! This is what I am looking forward to.

I fought this boss with melee a lot, biggest problem I have ever had is when he teleports off your screen and you don’t dodge the beam fast enough. When he teleports you have to get back in range of him quickly or you can be comboed by everything else in the fight. You just have to have good movement speed and stay in melee range of the boss.

Hm ok, i just skipped over the build you posted, that you are using.

If the Beam kills you most of the time, maybe try swapping out any non-mandatory skill with Fury Leap(not specialised, just the basic version), even if you lose some dps or utility, having a movement skill on demand is pretty much the easier and saver option, just spare the leap for the beam. (He always teleports away before using the beam and it has a small windup)

If you don’t want to swap skills, what is your movementspeed? Playing a build without any active movement skill can be really punishing, esepcially for newer/unexperienced players.
I would suggest having at least 40 or 50% movement speed at all times(without temporary buffs that don’t have 100% uptime) if you really want to go without anymovement skill.

Another tip i can give you. if the boss teleports away and prepare the beam, do not try to close the gap to the boss as soon as possible, but instead strafe left or right from the boss, to get out of the beams area, before then trying to go closer to the boss. (After the initial windup and cast the beam is stationary, so it is vital to FIRST go out of the area and THEN close the gap)

All in all this boss can be pretty annoying because the damage windows are very short and you have to run around alot in this fight, especially as melee.

The beam does DoT damage, so GB or CA does not matter much for the “near-instant deaths”. Try to focus on protections and max health(necrotic protection for the beam), that’s the only way to deal with incoming DoT’s.

Also if you stay on the move and let your totem do alot of the damage you can probably ignore the adds and just keep moving to avoid damage. If you place the Totem smart it will probably kill the adds over time anyway.

Also keep in mind that you might want to swap out a few items for bosses/encounters were you have big troubles. (If you are using Orians Eye in the amulet slot, that has a good implicit, but all of the affixes are useless for that fight. Maybe try a rare oracles amulet or a ruby amulet, what ever you get with good affixes, that serve you well for that particular fight)

As frustrating as some fights might be for some people, don’t give up and the excitement when finally beating the boss is even more worth the troubles!

In case you still have troubles feel free to share you specific build/items and we might spot some non optimal affixes.

Just feel free to update us! We belive in you :mechanical_arm:

@Zwiebel Firstly, remember you can choose as many “Rare” affixes as you like as hey don’t affect the bosses (weird i know but that the way it is).

Secondly, i know it will mean dropping 2 affixes and creating 2 new tiems, but really try get 2 more Crit Avoid rolls as then you can take all the monster crit affixes that come your way (even those +250% crit ones :slight_smile: )

Finally, you probably know this, but movespeed is a MUST in boss fights. I actually change boots just for boss fights as i like to have 40%+ movespeed for all boss fights.

Until you get to the Dragon Emperor monolith quest line & there are (deliberately) no “rare enemies have …” modifiers to choose because that makes the boss too easy.

Trust a beancounter to correct my oversights :slight_smile: ty @Llama8


You appear to have misspelt “pedantic ba****d”.

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Well, pull off my arms and call me a clothes pin, I did not realize this! That makes things more defined. Thanks!

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i finally killed him . i was so happy i use my tp instead of the green portal. no quest completion and back 4 echoes. what a joke

This is just unfortunate!

But yeah, using TP is punished as death.

Using a portal to any other era than the end of time is punished as death.

Getting a crash, absolutely due to some bugs is punished as death.

There are a lot of ways you never realize set you back 4 echoes until it happened @.@!

after finding a staff with 102 ad instead of 67ad i managed to kill him. the extra 35ad mde it a lot easier. already halfway unlocking the lvl 90 quest

Usually it used to be that if you used your tp after completing the monolith run was not punished. If you used your tp it also turned green and there was no punishment.

I asume that @Zwiebel was missing a particular trigger that rendered the quest successfully completed. One thing could be that he used it too early after beating the boss or that there was/is a bug.