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Hey all.

I’m playing LE on Steam and have tried a few times to take a screenshot to include in a bug report or just to add context to a question I wanted to ask. As it turns out, none of my attempts to take a screenshot have proven successful. For some reason, Steam simply will not take one while I play LE.

Is Last Epoch incompatible with Steam overlay? If so, what other options are folks using to take screenshots in this game that I might try?

Thanks for any insight you may offer.


You can use the “Print Screen” key then paste in MSPaint.
Or you can use [Windows] + [Shift] + [S] and select the zone you want, then paste in MSPaint.

That’s how I usually do. I’m not sure I have tried with Steam client.

I’ve had no issues with using F12 to get steam to take a screenshot & assuming what you need to screenshot isn’t an immediate/transient effect or in a dangerous place, you can always use windows snipping tool.

Thanks to both of you. Just tested and pasting into paint is working nicely.

Appreciate the assist.