Screen and character freezes, and other misc ive found

-On my acolyte/necro, sometimes the screen would just freeze, and i would have to tab out and come right back and it would be fine.
-Sometimes when typing i cant see the text of my message. and aftera little while the game remains idle, chat stops working altogether, cant write or anything
-just started a sentinel, and when i try to lunge, sometimes he gets stuck in the beginning animation, buit stays in the spot that i cast the ability in. something similiar has happened on my mage teleport skill also, i just cast another ability and it lets me continue playing, but yeah
-playing with a controller, sometimes i like how the auto cast to an enemy works, sometimes its kinda janky and awkward feeling, im sure there will be more development with controllers but it should get refined some more for sure

those are a couple things ive noticed so far, im unsure if this kind of feedback without specs, files, or screen shots help anything, but i hope it does! keep up the good work guys i love the game so far