Scorpion, venom nova

i dont know is this is a bug or something but i dont understand venom nova. it suppose to scale with minion stats right?
but when i switch out a item that gives YOU dmg over time or poison dmg. the dps changes at the tooltip.
and when i do the same with a item that onely gives minion dmg over time or poison dmg for minions. nothing changes.
also the skill has a ‘spell’ tag but spell dmg or minion spell dmg does nothing for the skill.
poison nova from scorp is weird af. not sure if it works as intended… can someone clarify this?

Venom Nova scales with minions dmg.
The tooltips are a bit wanky, unrealiables and need some love.
If you have reached the divine era, go try it on a dummy in the arena area
Edit: If it doesnot scale with minion dmg but your dmg. It s a bug that you can report int the bug report section (but I think I saw someone trying it and it worked properly)

The tooltip always assumes you (i.e. the player character) are using a skill. Thus its DPS indicator scales with your stats, even when the skill is used by a minion and actually scales with that minion’s stats.
That confused me multiple times as well. Don’t trust the tooltip is what I’ve learned since then.

i see. i am trying to test is on a dummy. but its realy hard to see. many numbers and the are always different… you would think 250% minion dmg vs 150% player poison dmg should make a very noticeable difference. but i dont see it…

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Tooltip doesn’t flag it as minion damage, which is weird.

That’s because it’s used by the minion so the minion tag is assumed.