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Scorpion Size and Hit Bug


I have found a bug that is basically the same as this:
I think the huge scorpion is awesome, sadly is cannot hit enemies with its attacks if it is that huge.
To be more precise, it cannot hit creatures if the scorpion is at it’s “default” distance to it. Moving enemies or enemies that approach the scorpion and have less range than the scorpion can be hit. Ranged enemies etc. cannot be hit.

To replicate it simply use the scorpion with any % increase in size, as stated in the original post I linked, and use Eterra’s blessing on it. The size will increase dramatically. Even after Eterra’s blessing has run out the size is too large to hit enemies at the “default” range.

I can understand if you did not want to dedicate manpower to the previous size bug since it is no real issue. Not being able to attack enemies is an issue though, so I hope this can somewhat increase the priority of this issue. Either fixing the size or fixing the attack behavior.

Thank you

Just logged to the forum to create the same thread. Hopefully there is no need to create the same thread to raise the priority of this question.

Thank you