Scorpion Beastmaster

Scorpion took some steriods

Hi, seems interesting.
But didn’t you make a mistake in the video by taking the passive +1 companion instead of the second bonus for solo companion just near ?

You mentioned the scorpion’s size is a bug? They should probably take some look on adding something similar to pets (at least the single one). First time I made a beastmaster was such a let down, the raptor turned out to be a small chicken. I was expecting something more meaningful I guess.

According to wikipedia the Velociraptor was around the size of a turkey, not a person (Hollywood making **** up for dramatic effect, who’d a thought!)

Yes its a bug with how all the size increases interact with eterras blessing. I also like how big they are it makes them look foerce

Yeah forgot to take the +1 companion out

According to wikipedia, humans are not supposed to cast spells. We need to talk with the devs about it…

BTW, are you suggesting that we need to resize the scorpion skill so that the scorpion looks like the baby scorpions, and thus the baby scorpions are also resized to look like single pixels?

I see. Looks pretty dope! hahaha

:smiley: Yes, absolutely.

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