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Still Leveling at this point in time, but having a total blast with this build.

Lunge, Rebuke, Multistrike+Smite on swing with Aurelus), Volatile Reversal, Lunge, repeat. If you have no idea whatsoever what to do, just hold down VR until everything is dead :smiley: Very fun skill. Had no idea. I really like it with Rebuke. You can VR, REBUKE max duration, then just VR back to back increasing your attack speed infinitely :smiley:

Ignore the Idols, as they have not been swapped out since I moved to this buildout.

Loving this build man. Nice work. How is the endgame for you so far?

Burned myself out so Ive been playing Grim Dawn for the first time, great game. As to the build, it tackles about 90% effortlessly, then all of a sudden, you cannot progress :smiley: Problem solve can take some time to figure out/ The playstyle is not “easy” as you are popping forwards and backwards, but it is hella fun regardless. I think he is around 75 atm?

Im 67 atm and cruising through. I noticed scaling the smite damage and damage over time works really well for me so far. Lets hope that keeps up =D

yup, and attack speed , its a lot like spell blade in that attackspeed causes procs to occur that are spell based rather than attack based allowingyou to really streamline the important stats.