Scaling tags mechanics

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Small question about scaling tags mechanics.

I see Void Cleave has both physical and void tags.
Let’s assume my gear will add both some physical, fire and void damage.

If I got for example 10% increased physical damage stat, will this stat apply to every damage dealt by Void Cleave (i.e the physical, void and fire dmg) because it has the physical tag, or, will it only apply to the Physical part of the damage dealt by Void Cleave ?

To me, the second option makes more sense but I am new at this game and I want to be sure to understand propely this mechanic.

Yes the second option is correct.
Only the portions of physical damage get increased by %Inc. Physical damage.

Most Melee Weapons have big chunks of physical damage on their implicit for example, so that would never be bad.

Even though added emlee damage from weapons will get a rework in 0.9.0 so it will work similar to adaptive spell damage.

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When damage is of a type (fire, cold), the increased (type) damage only aplies to that damage, not sure when we have “melee damage”, or the new adaptive weapon damage, will fire/phys both affect this damages under a melee fire/phys skill?

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So %inc. melee damage increases all damage types, as long as its a melee skill.

So in this specific example if the Void Cleaveis doing Phy, Void and Fire Damage, all 3 types would be scaled with %inc. melee damage.

The new adaptive melee damage we will get doesn’t really change how stuff scales, it just gives skills, depending on its base damage types more damage of that type.

If a skill only has one damage type all the adaptive melee damage will give it that damage type.
So for example Erasing Strike only has a Void tag, so all adaptive melee damage gets converted into Void Melee damage.

Void Cleave for example has Physical and Void as a base tag. Here adaptive melee damage would (same as Adaptive Spell Damage) distribute equally among all damage types.

If a skill ahs 3 damage types adaptive melee damage would still distribute equally among all 3 damage types.

So for example of you have 60 Adaptive Melee damage on a weapon with 2 damage types the skill would get 30/30 and with 3 damage types it would get 20/20/20 damage of the respective damage types.

If it has flat damage of those elements, yes (which it would since all of the flat “melee” damage would be split over those two elements).

Thanks llama and Heavy, is 95% intuitive, but some details… I think I got it.

Adaptative is converted and distributed to the skill damage types, and things like melee/throwing applies to the damage, and type (elemental/phys etc) damage is restricted to buff that specific damage regardless of the skill itself. I guess the elemental tags are there to hook up things up like “Fire skills have 20% faster cooldown recovery” for example.

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