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Scales of eterra and dragon mage/breath sorcerer builds

I was wondering if anyone has come up with a build that cycles between 2 types of elemental damage?

I just found a catalyst called “Scales of Eterra” that boosts damage for one element after having used another. That catalyst, coupled with the passives from the sorcerer tree (Dragon mage and Dragon breath) could maybe form the beginning of a build?

It seems like it could be fun to use a lightning and a fire skill together, balancing between the two to maintain maximum damage.

I have just reached level 70 or so with my mage, so I cannot afford to shuffle all my passives and skills to test it out myself, so I am asking if anyone has ever tried, or is it impossible to have a strong enough damage output if you don’t focus on a single element?

I am not sure what two skills could work well together like this, but I would like to see static orb and volcanic orb team up in this type of scenario.

I haven’t tested out dual element multi-spell because I don’t think there is enough support in the sorcerer tree for it. However, it could be good with a Bi-ele nova build. When you use a elemental nova that has both of the tags from Scales, it gives you both buffs at once. Each stack gives 8% more damage to the element and 6% less to the others, so you net 2% more per stack, 2 stacks per second. This probably works best with a cold/light Scales so you can get the chill/shock more damage node, but it could work okay on fire/light too.

Another possible option is to use your main non-fire skill, and when you hit 2 stacks use flame ward. This will build up flame stacks staggered 1 after lightning/cold so you clear the debuff on your main skill after 1 second, gaining the most of the more damage while minimizing debuff uptime.

I did not think about a dual elements spell. It’s something worth trying. Too bad it doesn’t seem to be viable to run two offensive spells of different elements together but, you have given me something to think about.

I don’t know how long it will take me to hit level 100 on my mage but, I will try this when I do. Thanks.

ive been doing LB fire ball scales, tbh its falling off in empowered but the playstyle is fun. it feels close, i think i might just need to swap out fireball for smthing.

I noticed that Disintegrate has both the Lightning and Fire tag. If duel-element spells work to trigger these effects, would that be a good option?

Any dual type with the appropriate scales gets a damage boost. I doubt scales will compete with Ignivar’s for disintegrate though.

Unfortunately you get the buff when casting an elemental spell, which for Disintegrate is when you start channeling.

wont work that well tbh. scales of eterra isnt made for alternating a fire and a lit spell every cast.
instead you use a fire skill for 10 seconds to get the most out of the buff and then use a lit apell for the next 10 seconds when you have that massive 80% less multi to fire. especially since the infusion buffs have a 20 second cooldown. (which kills the idea of pyrology)

Ok, so the scales of ettera say:
Casting a fire spell grants Fire Infusion, with a 20 second cooldown

Fire Infusion gains a stack every second. Each stack grants 8% more fire damage and 6% less cold and lightning damage for 10 seconds. Reaching 10 stacks of Fire Infusion applies Fire Overload for 10 seconds, granting 80% less fire damage and removing all Fire Infusion and Cold or Lightning Overloads

Casting a lightning spell grants Lightning Infusion, with a 20 second cooldown

Lightning Infusion gains a stack every second. Each stack grants 8% more lightning damage and 6% less cold and fire damage for 10 seconds. Reaching 10 stacks of Lightning Infusion applies Lightning Overload for 10 seconds, granting 80% less lightning damage and removing all Lightning Infusion and Cold or Fire Overloads

This does mean, like Unleashed_666 said, that you gain most from this catalyst by using a skill for 10 seconds and then switching to the other one, which should trigger the infusion of the other element, unless they share a global cooldown, which would suck.

The passives Dragon Mage and dragon breath would have you cycle between 3 elements every 4 seconds, to work best.

I was hoping that both could synergize with one another but, I don’t see it happening. There might be some hope for one of the two to work properly for a solid build based on using 2 skills of different elements but, not like what I thought. Thanks for the replies so far.

Nerdherdv02: Maybe using hard-hitting, slower casting spells could help. I had something in mind using volcanic orb and static orb however, this might still not work it you need to stay on one for 10 seconds.

I am level 85 with my mage now but, work is starting again for me this week. I’ll soon be able to afford to swap things around and try different setups.

Yeah i know the unique’s creator is doing something similar. Just haven’t felt like experimenting.

I had a level 60 mage that I didn’t play so, I leveled him up to 62, the level required to use scales of ettera.

I tried a few skills combinations (My scales are for lightning and fire, I know there are other variations.)

What I found was that the 10 seconds boost to one skill, while making the other pretty much useless was not that easy to see and it did not feel good to me playing that way.

I tried volcanic orb and static orb together and that was awful. I tried lightning blast and fireball, this was better but not strong enough. Mind you that my skills were level 8 to start with and I didn’t go past 11, so it’s not a full picture situation.

I still would like to play a sorcerer with skills of different elements for fun but, this scales of ettera catalyst does not seem to be all that useful to me so far.

For me the issue came from lack of idols to provide damage. The only remotely useful idol i found was cast speed with lightning aegis and even that is really hard to guarentee uptime. Compared to pure lightning sorc it was like operating at 1/2 power 1/2 the time and 1/4 power the other 1/2 of the time.

Its quite tragic Mage is not a “Master of the Elements:frowning_face:

Agreed. Don’t get me wrong, I like an ALL FIRE MAGE and other themed sorcerers.
I would still have liked a good way to use and abuse all the elements, or at least two at once. Not looking for something game breaking, just a strong viable build with some cool synergies that uses.

Chillbear does have a build that uses all elements but, he only uses a single offensive spell and I am hoping to at least use two.

I am still enjoying this game a lot with plenty of other builds to use, so it’s alright.

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