Saving skill passive configuration & load on demand

How it could work:

The respec NPC gives the option of letting you save one of your specialized skills at its current level with an identical passive point distribution.
Once you’ve saved a skill like this, you can visit the NPC again to retrieve it and have said skill be in the same state as when you first saved it.


  1. Each skill would have a limited amount of configuration slots (around ~3?).
  2. Saving a skill costs gold depending on the amount of passive points invested (2500-5000 gold per point?).
  3. Loading a configuration also costs gold (~1500 gold per point?).


This would make it easier to experiment with slightly different skill setups without punishing the player with mandatory grind just to see if their theory holds up. It would also make players more willing to try new things since the risk is lower in case it doesn’t pan out.
Lastly, it would add a much needed gold sink.

Are you talking about passives or skill spec trees?

Thread Titles states passive but your No. 1 states “Each skill”

For passives i would be ok with that. Even though that would be a drastic step up from what we currently have.
I think having a way to reset multiple passives at the same tiems would already make respeccing passives alot easier and quick. (Just pay the respeccing fee once, when you press a final confirmation button)

For skill spec trees i don’t see the need for any kind of loadout system.
There is barely any “risk” involved, except some minutes of testing out the new setup.

LE’s respeccing system already got so much less punishing and i personally don’t like a skill system, that feels like a Load Out System.

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I referred to the points in the individual skill trees as “passive points”, yes I’m not talking about the mastery passives.

If you give the saving and loading a gold cost that’s not entirely negligible, I think it wont feel as a simple load out change.

Ok, those are called skill points.

We don’t know where the economy currently is heading, i definitely think that we need more gold sinks, but i don’t like skill respecs/loadouts being a gold sink.

We already have a respec system in place, which already was amde elss punishing multiple times. I would argue it’s even to easy to respec currently.

You said:

I would say that the current implementation is not really punishing nor risky.

If you respec multipel skilsl at once, you surely needs to play a few minutes on a lower timeline to catch skilsl up, but that’s fixed super fast.

I use the Arena for this. I’m not a pusher, but for respec’ing skills the arena is extremely efficient.

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Assuming the respec ends up doing what you want it to. Attempting to minmax and skim points here and there to get the most out of a skill can take a lot of attempts.

And that’s part of what is awesome in this game. Personal opinion of course.

Minmaxing by itself is already a big, time consuming endeavour (which is natural), but adding a needless amount of extra grind on top of it will just turn people away from trying things by themselves and instead promote the use of build guides.

I’m not suggesting that if you save a lvl 20 skill with 10 points spent and 10 points left that you’ll retain the unspent points upon loading it, in that case it would start at lvl 10.

Playing Grim Dawn, I’d frequently switch single points around, do ~30 seconds dps test against a dummy, analyze results, rinse and repeat. Having to go and grind up levels and note down previous dps results between testing sessions would be a huge headache.

We already got something like a “Minimum Specialized Level” to put 10 Skill Points immediately back into the most relevant ramifications in case of a “skill change” of any kind.
The rest you get in a few minutes somewhere on “Monolith 100”.
→ That’s enough. :slight_smile:

As for another possible gold sink:

…I would rather suggest that every point in a skill-skill-tree, which is set or taken out at the same time, how, when and in which amount, brings gold costs with it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I believe that there’s a point to be made in favor of not having respecs be all too trivial which in turn could make build decisions feel like they don’t matter all that much.

But to me, the priority should be to create a system that not only makes people want to experiment, but also lets them do so without unnecessary hassle, since that could dampen the enthusiasm players feel about trying new things.

The suggestions I’m making is to change the following course of events:
“Oh, maybe if I configure the skill like this, my build will be even better”
respecs and grinds up experience points
“Oh, it’s worse…”
respecs and grinds up experience points to revert to old setup

We don’t need that last part. Just pay a gold price to revert to your old config, or try your luck with yet another variation.

The added gold sink would merely be a bonus, not the focus nor point of my suggestion.

I understand quite well what or how you imagine it, have myself tried probably 80-90% of all skill points in any skill tree (I guess at least).

It is sometimes said that “the way is the goal”. - even if it is sometimes annoying.

If you can change or test all skills in a simplified way (too simple?), you quickly lose a piece of “personal meaning” (not yet completely meaningless, but the direction is right).

On the other side of the equation is somewhere “the lowest common denominator” - meaning “a certain accessibility” for possibly newer(, more impatient?) players.

To me, it’s a bit like the “vanilla difference” between Diablo 2 and Diablo 3, where in Diablo 2 you could screw up your character by setting the wrong skill points, and in Diablo 3 there was absolutely nothing to worry about.
→ Both games are still played today, although I would like to attest Diablo 3 the greater commercial success for various reasons (among other things, because of the accessibility for the mass of players given at the beginning).

As far as this particular topic is concerned, I would like to see a poll, as this has been a controversial topic for a while now, and EHG has (in my opinion) responded to it adequately a few times already.
→ Who knows exactly, maybe EHG has further plans for this.

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