Saving In The Arena

So i know saving in the arena and not having to accomplish all 400+ waves in one go has been brought up but here are a few ideas of ways to handle it.

  1. Just like the MoF which keeps your streak even if you close the game, there should be a 3rd option every 5 waves in the arena being “Exit and Save” of course this would only be good for 1 continue when you come back, not a continue and die and get to keep continuing from that wave.

  2. This Is a new idea for both the arena and MoF. In the MoF you can “Reset” the MoF when you think it might be getting to hard. It would be awesome if you introduced scrolls and instead of “Resetting” you could save that current streak to a scroll that you could use at a later time or trade to another player. Trading to another player might cause botting and farming of said items so unless security is tight i dont see it working out to well, but just a fresh idea. Going 1 step further we could even enchant or craft the scrolls to change add or remove the affixes on them making the easier or tougher and then putting the streak back in the MoF. The crafting might also add things to it that you cant get as normal affixes such as but not limited to: “Mob pack Increase” “Mob density” or Maybe you can throw shards at it and what ever shard you enchant it with (same % chance as normal crafting until fractured) could go against it such as a minion health shard was used it would reduce minions health on the next run by 10% or poison protection shard reduces your poison protection by 5% the next 3 runs… and so forth. This would be very competitive with “maps” from POE and way better than greater rift runs in D3. Theres alot of different ways you could go with the MoF.

  3. Not having to restart at wave 0 on a character thats hit wave 300+. SO this one goes to ways. We dont wanna turn the arena into a greater rift scenario from D3 where we could just keep entering the arena at the highest wave already completed, but at the same time when you have done wave 300 and then died doing the first 200+ waves all over again is just Boring. So maybe you can start 50 or 100 waves below what ever the highest waves you completed for that character (rounded down to the nearest 5 of course).

Anyways just some ideas, looking for some feedback so shoot out some of your own ideas or modfications.

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Double the scaling . Make wave 200 the new wave 400. That would be my vote since they have already increased the scaling once . I hope they do it one more time. I think if the upper limit of what any given class can accomplish is around wave 200 I’ll be happy. I think you’ll see more players push to the highest waves if the scaling is increased as well. I’ve read where players stop at wave 150 or so because they get bored or just quit before they die to to a real life obligations. I have had to stop multiple times before I died due to real life popping up and I had to log.

I like the idea of it being a 1 time thing though. Having a save makes it too much like the monolith.

My biggest issue is having to relevel characters on a ladder reset. I personally want the ladder to reset every patch where any type of balancing takes place . But please please don’t make us relevel our characters . Just wipe all the waves from our existing characters so we can keep one of each or you will burn us all out. I would actually level more characters if I knew I could keep the ones I have for all ladder resets. I hope that comes with this next patch or I doubt I’ll relevel more than 1. It just takes its toll on you to redo the content over and over on the same classes and builds .

But kori why don’t you just level a new class to keep it fresh? Well because I want to see how the changes have affected the builds I love he most . And that means leveling up 075-vanthas and 075-semirrhage again and again and that is going to burn me out . I can tell you that right now.

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Just want to say i would also like the save option for the arena . As the OP mention after we already beat 200+ or even 50+ wave we need some rest and it’s depressing to restart at 0 again…

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In the past the devs mentioned that arena is not an endgame activity they focus on. It is a placeholder for other endgame modes and was only implemented because other modes aren’t available.

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