Sanguine Jungle: Druid Build Flexible easy to build and exceptionally powerful

Hey guys, I’m posting this Druid build here because the build site does not allow flexible builds. This is a more active minion build than most, and grows in strength the more effort you put in, AND as enemy health scales.

This build is incredibly easy to make but not so easy to play.


No uniques or sets are required, but the Doublet of Onos Tull will greatly improve power, and The Fang amulet prevents minions from being stunned. Arek’s Bones also greatly increases boss dps.


Will attach skill points and passives in a picture. Once swarmblade has been unlocked the thorn totems can be replaced by any skill you choose.


Any you want, this build has no set requirements for anything.


The more minion bleed chance you can stack the better.


Use vines from spriggan and spriggan form, and locusts from swarmblade to lay down high bleed stacks, then charge enemies that are being attacked by locusts and swarm strike them, dealing MASSIVE aoe damage with Locust Swarm, based on how many locusts you absorb and how many bleed stacks you suck up from enemies.

Meanwhile spriggan companion gives tons of critical avoidance and rapid regeneration for you and other minions, and wolf companions deploy chill on bosses to slow them down, while also howling during your rampage for speed and damage boosts.

This build can push ALL content easily, the only downside is having to put yourself at risk to use swarm strike, but good timing is all thats needed. Take advantage of “A” (Minion command) to group your locusts more effectively.

Tools build showing skill and passive trees:

Feel free to comment if you have any questions about this build.

EDIT: Changed some skill points off of thorn shield and moved them to healing totems linked with thorn totems. Since the thorn totems are there the small loss in defense seems like a fine sacrifice to add a lot of bleed and some armor shredding stacks without having to turn human ever. Also updated thorn totems slightly in regards to quantity and efficiency to make the rage consumption more reasonable. With 210+ rage you should be able to lay out 6 totems without draining it all, vines will then refill enough to persist, or you can swap to swarmblade.

I’d recommend posting the images on something like Imgur. Lot’s of people will be, rightfully, hesitant about downloading a .zip file.

Even better, why not post your LE Tools link? It doesn’t need a full guide if this is all your going to show.

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Good point, Updating the link with my build link instead.

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