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Sands of Majasa - Beta 0.8.3 Patch Notes

This patch is insane. All the small changes put a smile on my face and the controler improvements is going to be a bunch of fun. Cant wait to plah tomorrow.

Woah, that’s huge! I did not expect the patch to be so rich!
That will take time for us to try all and measure the results.
Awesome job, guys! :slight_smile:

cant wait to test it and start to grind new uniques :grinning:

@Dammitt : well, this should keep you busy for a while :wink:

I thought you removed that skill ?

It can be proc’d from certain places still.


So much work went into this. Mad props to the dev team.

Can’t wait to dive in!

I was thinking the same thing… stacking vitality was always good for life lol, now they are making it life and damage? Why stack anything else! :stuck_out_tongue:

A little love for every build it seems except the EQ builds. Stack Vit and health regen will be the way to go with VK’s

Where can we see an itemized list of the new items and uniques? I’d to see what items are going to be available with the patch but you just provided links to the previews but they don’t show us everything.

It’s not often I find patch notes exhausting. Can’t imagine how long it took to make these. Looking forward to seeing the new stuff in game.

THICC!! I will miss ring of shield with holy aura though :cry:

WHY BABY my current VK already had 40vit, it is like an out of season christmas gift! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Really eager to try all the new stuff

Judd strikes again!

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You can still do a leap quake build though. Just spec leap to hit all the nodes that reduce the cooldowns or reset it. It’s not quite as OP as werebear was but it works pretty well.

Lots of great changes, looking forward to it. Really like the adjustment to movement skills while channelling.

  • Forge strike will be interesting, I still think it was stronger than most people gave it credit for last patch with a 200+ minion factory but I like the changes here.
  • I think this quadruple nerf to Shadow Daggers will finally be enough for you guys to kill the build.
  • Decoy is in line with that I was expecting, but not sure what being somewhat less effective at drawing aggro means (area of effect perhaps?)
  • Bit disappointed that Spellblade defensives haven’t really been addressed yet, there is very few budget options.
  • Good riddance to Frost Wyrms in arena
  • More animation cancelling skills is great, really enjoyed this with shift.
  • Thank god Wengari Shaman’s are getting fixed
  • It’s Sentinel SZN
  • Hype

Patch notes reading done!

Wow, those changes, amazing QoL, Mono changes, Summoner changes, Primalist, set / unique rewards, Sentinel changes nice! Im loving that channeled skills change where you can use other abilities - huge warpath QoL. Unique idols HYPE!

Im little concerned by those heavy hitting abilities changes, but maybe those skill tree changes will improve them, cause for example my Judgement Pala can spam 8 Judgements before i need mana, now that 4s cooldown doesnt look good, because i dont know how many damage nodes i will have to sacrifice to remove its cooldown. So if heavy hitting abilities felt unrewarding, now giving them cooldown concerns me, cause those increased damage numbers arent that high to compensate that 4s cooldown, but lets first see changes ingame :slight_smile:

Loving the gambling unique / set and Mono reward changes! In last 4 weeks i have made 12 SSF characters, all to 80-90 level to prepare for upcoming multiplayer to decide what starter builds i will use. For example Bladedancer still waits for Smoke Weaver drop while my Mage has already 3 of those daggers in the stash, those unique / set targeted rewards looks great!

Cant wait to test everything ingame. Another patch and it feels like new game again after reading patch notes. Amazing dev team / studio, keep up that amazing work, im dev by myself (ISP OS senior developer) and im amazed by your pace and content what you are bringing with every new patch (or how fast are hotfix patches deployed), also i dont remember what Beta game was so polished and felt so complete like LE, many and many bigger dev team / studios should learn from you!

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Well only the procced one with Sync. Strike / Cascade / Shifter. Puncture will now apply 2 shadow daggers in one hit.

SSDD Delete toons and start over…again.

Just my initial takeaways and thoughts from reading through (Sentinel main):

Only one I used was Jugg. Stance, was a good option to go to for damage reduction (DR) when dual wielding. Interested to see where those effects went to or what other DR options became available for dual wield builds.

Oh baby.

This and other attack speed :point_down: changes, was this generally done to balance Multi-Strike or are there are other things, behind the scenes, going on?

:+1: always personally thought this skill should be Forge Guard exclusive, fits the theme. Good change


:star_struck: :heart_eyes: :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck: :heart_eyes: