Sanctuary of Eterra

The window containing the corruption reduction selection will not go away. So I cannot portal out since most of my screen is covered with that, the x on the top right is not working. Also I could press set multiple times without any confirmation so in the end instead of reducing the corruption by 50 I have reduced it by 4 times 50.
Forge Guard with shields on.

Had the same thing. Went to test what it was like, killed the mobs – window pops up, can’t click (hear clicking noise but nothing happens) – TP out, window still on screen – had to re-open game.,

Edit: ugh, had the same result in the end – instead of reducing small to test, it just halved my corruption on that timeline from pressing many times trying to get the box to go away. rip.

Just chiming in to say I had the same experience. Window doesn’t close, lets you click on the options multiple times. You can portal, then move your character so the portal is visible to click, and then get the rewards… but the window never goes away, even if you zone to another place.

Same problem here. After exiting game and logging back in my Coruption was reset corretly to 100 from 154 and the map was reset.

This is an Offline character.