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Salt (Lot's Wife)

I don’t have any social media presence really. Have been working through some emotional trauma left from my divorce over the past few years. Wrote this, thought maybe it deserved to be posted somewhere at least.
(side note: sorry @Heavy - I’ll be in touch soon enough)

Monday (working title)Salt (Lot’s Wife)

you don’t feel the same as I
salt consumed made sure
but I miss you, my dear friend
though our island
plastic beach
swallowed in flooded fate,
my only friend
I allowed the cold
the glitter freeze
to seep through broken window pane
I offered you,
my dull and bitter
no proper port within
though you waned for it at length
my friend
I do wish that I had stayed, perhaps
to face my fear in your desire-
-but that is that-
and I’m of no feathered illusion
that these words are worth the salt consumed
I still dream
quite sullen, aching
of the “library of alexandria”
of buffalo
of twinkle toes-
I can bite my blighted tongue
severing, bloody, that dream
dead and rotting, left
if it meant that I
could speak with you
in earnest
in friendship
for na’er a single soul
this town abides within
our wake
is worth the salt consumed


Manly hug. Chin up mate, you can get through it.

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