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Waypoint Topic

One thing that I have always wondered is, should waypoints be a “safe” location. What I mean by this is, if I move from a city area to a location anywhere on the map, should there be enemies around that waypoint.

My Opinion

My opinion is that the surrounding area should be relatively safe due to online connection possible issues or longer loading times. I noticed when spawning into an area, my minions will automatically be fighting enemies and my character will have taken some damage before I have even seen anything from the loading screen. When I say relatively safe, I don’t mean that every single waypoint should not have enemies around there, maybe have some walk in from a distance over a period of time, or spawn the enemies in just before the game loads into the new zone.

I figured this was a interesting topic on a design choice in the game and see what others think about this topic out of curiosity…

When you load into a new (hostile) area, you have a period of grace where you don’t take damage. Sometimes it’s about 10-30s, sometimes it’s until you move. That prevents you taking damage due to a slow connection. It shows up in the buffs section, sort of like a shrine effect.

Can’t say I’ve paid much attention to what happens to that grace period when you have minions and they start fighting before you actually load the screen. I’ve had that happen to me, but I haven’t noticed if the grace period is still there.
If it isn’t, then the grace period should just affect minions and enemies as well, so that they don’t deal/take damage either until you actually move.

Also, in some places the grace period is on a timer, other times it’s permanent until you move. I would change them all to until you move.

Assuming the grace gets fixed, I see no problems with crowded waypoints/entrances.

EDIT: fixed typo

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That’s interesting, I have not noticed that before. I will have to take a look next time I do move to a waypoint. I’m also wondering if it stood out to me because I’m playing a necromancer build and the minions were already in battle before I loaded in.

Unfortunately, if you have minions, they can engage mobs and cancel the geace period.


That’s what should be fixed then, the grace should also apply to minions until the player moves. Especially because not all minion builds will be able to kill the mobs or keep the player safe on their own.

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Also when playing online and trying to move to a new zone or area. The skeletons seem to despawn first before the player and i csn still fight enemies as sometimes moving to a new zone takes a bit of time.

I think that might be the servers or something but i would hate to die when trying to leave a area and my minions are despawned.

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Yeah, that should be (hopefully) fixed by 1.0 when they solve the loading issues. And lately I’ve noticed that the delay between hitting an exit and getting to load screen is much smaller.

On the other hand, if you summon a few again or use a DOT ability just before you get to the loading screen, many times mobs will still die while you’re in that screen.

It would still be nice for them to despawn only just before the loading screen itself.

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Or, finish killing the mobs around you before trying to transition.

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That would be sound advice if there weren’t some mobs near the exits and the exits themselves weren’t so easily triggered even by accident while fighting/evading.

Besides, even if you do that, it’s still not the intended behaviour, so that’s a workaround. It’s like saying that the low health on new area load isn’t an issue cause you can just wait for regen or pop a potion.
A workaround doesn’t really negate the issue.


Yeah, the “accidental” triggering of the transition has been reported in a bug report so hopefully that issue will be fixed.

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Thats good to know at least its been reported and im sure they already know about it. Lets hope its fixed soon at least on 1.0 launch.

Yeah thats exactly what has happened a few times when trying to avoid enemies it will trigger the next area, then despawn my skeletons but im still able to fight