Sacrifice Chain Bugs

I’m playing a necromancer that sacrifices multiple minions at a time to summon Blood Spectres. I have sacrifice specced into the “Catalyst of Horror” node.
My experience should look something like this:

  • Summon 3 skeletons in one cast
  • Cast sacrifice, chaining 2 times to sacrifice 3 minions in total
  • Summon 3 Blood Spectres

However, atm I am only sacrificing 2 Skeletons and summoning 2 Blood Spectres.

In addition, I specced a single point into the “Sanguine Libation” node on the Sacrifice tree, expecting it to chain an additional time, resulting in 4 sacrifices. However, it now only sacrifices 1 minion and summons 1 Blood Spectre. It seems there is a problem with the sacrifice chaining when selecting those nodes…


I just wanted to say that I am also facing these issues. The issue is also present when you use transplant to proc the sacrifice as well.

Same boat. You cant sacrifice more than 1 minion even with it fully allocated. Also proccing it with transplant.

my friend was getting this bug aswell hope it gets fixed soon as he said he wont be playing untill it does sadly

Same problem here. I also did not see it in the list of things getting fixedd next week so they may not be aware of it. I hope this comment helps to get some attraction.

I also have the same problem, except cataclysm of horrors only sacrifice/give 2 blood specters, this makes the build unplayable imo. very sad panda. No fun allowed

Have the same issue, with Catalyst of Horror and full allocated Sanguine Libation I should have 2 + 5 chains but I can only sacrifice 5 minions at most, looks like allocating Sanguine Libation disable Catalyst of Horror completely, so need to spend all points into Sanguine to have at least 5 minions at most.

I’m having the same issue, I noticed that when I only have 1 point in Sanguine Libation it only sacrifices 1 minion, whilst still having the mandatory point in Catalyst of Horror. It’s an odd bug to be sure.

This needs attention, because the builds that utilize this are unplayable early

Having the bug aswell, changed my leveling build to finding out that I basically cant play my build is defo ass to hear. Hope its getting fixed rather soon

Any news about this bug? still not working.