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Sacrifice - Catalyst of Horror

Hi all,

I am noticing, that Catalyst of Horror (recast onto other minions within its range) does only happen once. It specificly says “,which can happen multiple times”, but it always sacrifices 3 (at lvl 1) of my minions.
I have +220% Area from other nodes and even if I stack 4 skeletons on one pixel, it only sacrifices 3 of them. Is this a bug or is it intentionally?


Yes, the node says it will Sacrifice 2 other minions per point. Several patches ago they changed it from Sacrificing an uncapped number of minions but that could one-shot monolith bosses if you had enough Wraiths.

There also used to be a bug (not sure if it was fixed) that it only worked in melee range of the Acolyte.

Ah Ok. I am fairly new to the game, but that sounds like a strong interaction, I would have nerfed, too!
I‘ll be going for another build then, because right now, if feels kinda underwhelming.
However, @ the devs: it might be good to remove then part „This could happen multiple times“ from the tooltip. This part was confusing me as a new player in the first place.

Cheers :slight_smile:

you can still do the sacrifice build with volatile zombies if you want.