Sabertooth Lineage not working

I have been using the sabertooth and as I have leveled the lineage skill within it’s tree, I noticed it has not modified the cooldown or manacost of the summon or its flurry swipes skill as it should do.

Yeah, the skill starts off with a 10s cooldown & max points into Lineage (100% CDR) takes the cooldown down to something like 7s when it should be 5s. It also doesn’t change the cooldown on the tooltip.

Is this an actual issue with the CDR or just a visual bug?

I was just counting how long it too to cooldown so it wasn’t accurate, but it feels like it’s a CDR thing rather than just a visual bug.

The tooltip is definitely a visual bug since that doesn’t update the tooltip at all.

Thanks I’ll make a note of it.

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Of both, there’s 2 issues here.

Yup I got it.

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We are unable to reproduce this issue. Looks like the node is reducing the CDR correctly and updating the tool tip.

Can you show a screenshot of it not updating?

It reduces the cooldown tooltip for the summon but not the active ability.

Oh I am not sure if it’s supposed to change the CD of Flurry Swipes. I will have to ask.

Why on Earth would you want increased cooldown for the summon? That’s like, totally pointless!

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