Sabertooth leap attack

Hi everyone,
I am a little bit confused about the sabertooth leap attack.
Is it related to our fury leap? Or is it something independent?
Patch note 0.9 Convergence mention

It feels like it’s something the sabertooth is doing by itself.

I believe this is internally called Leap attack which Sabertooth has by default as a gap closer(it uses at random ranged enemies) and Wolf can gain through a passive node. Leap Attack Skill Sources - Last Epoch Skills

This leap attack is also used for fury leap pack leader but when used this way it does not proc nodes like Pounce(flurry after leap attack) these only proc on natural leap attacks randomly done by the sabertooth(I tested in 0.9.0).

Do you know how often it uses it or what conditions are required for the sabertooth to leap?

No, minions never use your skill tree unless explicitly stated & most of the time it’s usually couched as “when minion does X you cast Y”.

Fury leap does allow your minion to leap with you, thank to “Pack Leader”. That’s why I asked

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Yeah, but that doesn’t mean the companions use Fury Leap or its skill tree. They just get to join you at your destination.

It could have trigger “Pounce> Your Sabertooth use Flurry Swipes after leaping” since “Pack Leader” make your Sabertooth leap

Edit : I guess I should have been more specific in my first question since I was mostly talking about “Pounce” and “Heavy Paws”

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And Hunters Trail. It’s clear in LEtools, but not in-game.

Nope that data is probably deep in the code. I do remember that it will never do it when its autoattacking an enemy tho. I felt it was definitely not worth over Heavy paws (but I was testing when snow stalker was bugged so maybe heavy paws felt better)

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I don’t find it very clear since the skill source mentions Fury leap pack leader aswell as all the sabertooth and wolves related leap stuff