S.T. + Base Crit = Does it Stack?

In game when you mouse over Critical Strike Chance it says “Chance to deal a critical strike with hits that DO NOT have any SKILL SPECIFIC crit modifiers. The base critical strike chance is 5%”

Shield Throw has a node that adds 4% base crit chance to the attack…since that’s a SKILL SPECIFIC crit modifier does that mean I actually LOSE 1% crit chance or does it add that 4% to the 5% base that all chars have?

The way they word the base crit chance in char stats sheet is very very misleading

It adds to the base crit chance so it would be 9%.

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Does the “added” critical chance from skill get boost from “%increase critical chance”?

Lets say you have 5% crit chance and you are using a skill with 10% BASE crit chance and another skill that give buff of 250% increase critical chance. WIll that buff affect the BASE crit chance of the skill as well?

I would presume it works the same as any other addition to base crit chance and get increased alongside.

The formula is presumably something like:

(5% + additional_base_chance) * increased_chance = crit chance

This is certainly how it works with +% Melee Crit Chance on weapons.

For example my Druid has 14% melee crit chance without a weapon. Given 5% base, that’s a 280% increased melee crit chance from all other sources. When I equip him with a Naginata that has an Implicit +4% crit (this is low, sue me), and a Prefix adding another +5% for a +9%, my crit chance goes to 39%.
(5 + (4 + 5)) * 2.8 = 39.2%

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