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Running Feedback

Caveat: many of these may no longer be an issue as there are many patches/reworks/updates. I also may have moved on to a different class or spec

Using this as a running feedback to add as I play. Short and sweet sentences I come up with as I play:

11may- Rune Sap in the Mana Strike Mage tree does not upgrade when points are added
11may- Soul Bastion Soul Eruption seems to only debuff the player not the mobs.
-If mobs are debuffed, no visual notification above their health pools or models.
-casting from range if its a proximity issue

11may- Buff Bar option
11may- Filter by text input option for Stash [possibly inventory as well to see what I want to fracture vs sell]
12may- Void [Soul?] Clerics in Monolith runs chain pull other Cleric packs across the whole map with their buff they cast on other enemies. Almost unbeatable when pushing monolith runs.
12may- Add a tab that shows lightning/cold/fire on melee hit so that we can determine if we want to focus buffing lightning/cold/fire etc.
12may- dps meter so we can see what is actually causing the most dmg in situations so we can see the impact of our choices
13may- show passives/nodes on the tooltip if they will affect toolbarred spells. Not sure if I’ve seen this in another game, but if I have Fireball in my bar, have a green check thing in the passives tooltip saying it will affect this spell. Will clean up confusion and help casuals/hardcore players alike


I suppose this is a good idea, but the sake of organizing you might wanna add a date tag to your comments, if they span over several days/weeks of playtime.
So that we can distinguish between comments that are older and newer and compare them to whether a patch addressed a particular comment.

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