Runes of shattering not working

So, this bug happened several times already. Basically, sometimes runes of shattering fail to “shatter” and do not give affix shards (item does not disappear), but the rune count goes down. The issue persists with other items. At first, i thought it was a visual bug, but after restarting the game the item is still there and runes are comsumed. After relaunching the game last time all my runes of shattering just dissappeared, it was not much (about 10-ish), but the bugs with those runes are rather irritating.

Player-prev.log (4.7 MB)

Same i use few on one item and can destroy it.
It was rare item, i thought its not a bug but the forge potential that do it - and that i need to get rid that potential to 0 first but now , good to known its a bug…