Runes and Glyphs disappearing

Well, I didnt use the forge and I realised during my game that I keep losing my runes and glyphs, the number just keep going down, even when I drop some.

I had 7 rune of shattering, used 3, lost 6 of them ( they didnt work cause of that rune of shattering bug’’ then I still have 1 rune. I keep playing, my game goes into infinite loading in a loading screen cause I opened my friend tab on steam and closed the tab 5 sec later. I can still press escape and leave the game. So I leave the multiplayer game, join back, and I now have 0 rune of shattering and 12 runes left instead of 15. Also I lost about 4 glyphs. no idea what causes the problem is though.


I have the same issue. I believe the runes disappear after logging off/disconnect, but it could be related to party play as I only play with a friend. The shatter rune, ‘X’ rune, and the unique rune appear to be the only ones effected-- but maybe I pick up enough of the others to not notice.

Are you noticing this happening during normal gameplay or is it only after you log out of the game and then return?

Hi - it happens to me too, during normal gameplay in co-op with a friend. I believe it also affects shards. For example, I left the forge having 545 shards and 8 runes of shattering. My friend and I go do a quest, I pick-up plenty of shards, go back to town and turn in the quest. I head to the forge and realize I have only 552 shards (I could swear I picked-up more than 7) and I now only have 1 rune of shattering despite not having used any.

We’re aware of this issue and we’re looking into fixes for this on our end.

Had this happen several times while in a party, after running in a monolith echo (theirs if it helps with reproducibility) they stopped to craft a bit. I was already keeping track of my glyphs of hope since it has been occurring enough to be noticeable. After they crafted I checked and I had lost 4 glyphs I believe the same amount they had just used.

I try to reproduce this bug in solo, nothing happens.
But in multiplayer, we catch this bug every 2–4 hours after loading location and trying to craft or crash gear on shards. You can spend more runes and glyphs than you have, I think because of desynchronization with the database, the value becomes negative, and after if you pick up some of them from ground they are disappearing.

Could be connected to this: I am loosing in multiplayer a lot of shards when adding them to the forge.

  • shift rightclick on shard in inventory while forge is open
  • center slot just flashes briefly then item is gone (not added in forge) stash
  • happens independently if craftable item is inserted or not