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Runemaster - What could be (Masterclass Ideas)

Most topics that talked about the Runemaster have already closed, so I had to make this thread to talk about it.

In the only description of the Runemaster in the Realm of the Forgotten, you read this: You have tamed the power of raw arcane, weaving its chaos with the art of runes. You can recall your youth, the trouble you once had transcribing the simplest glyph, and scoff. You now carve intricate symbols into the air ensnaring your foes, raising walls and golems from nothing but your own knowledge. You have become an artisan of sorts, but your craft is that of reality itself.

Right away I had the feeling that, depending on how the devs build this master class up, that this could be a real contender with the Arena for those of you who care about climbing the Leaderboards.

The key wordings for this class that stood out, that many other players have also noticed that may give an idea to what this class is capable of is, "carving intricate symbols into the air that ensnare your foes.

When thinking about how this would look in-game, I can envision the Runemaster using either a channeled Rune ability that slows or traps enemies in a line or in a cone in front of the player. Either using Cold damage and Chill stacking, or something close to what was used in the Primalists “Entangled Roots” Ability.

“Raising Walls” When I imagine this ability, I see a cast once ability where a wall of runic empowered stone bursts up out of the ground for a certain amount of seconds and area, blocking enemy movement, and maybe even do elemental damage to those who get too close to it. This kind of ability would be a great combo starter to hold the enemy back while your character casts other runes to really bring out the damage.

“Raising Golums” I envisioned this being a “Summon Runic Stone Golum” Type of Minion that looks like the Voidinfused earth mob, except with blue veins instead of purple that would have elements of the Bone Golum for the Acolyte, but also the Armor Minion for the Forgeguard. A minion that can be a meat shield with lots of health/armor and absorb damage while also being able to deal damage back, with maybe specializations where certain aspects of your stats will reflect in your Stone Golum, like elemental damage, attack/cast speed, resistances, and the like.

Beyond that, I cant even begin to describe all of the different runes that this class could unleash. Elemental damage AoE runes, Cold Runes with Freezing chance, Poison runes with Damage over time and slowing, Mana regenerating Runes, where if you stand in a certain area, Mana will be returned to you. Just, all kinds of possibilities are possible with this Master Class, and I really cant wait to see what the Devs do with it. I even already have a recently made character that is sitting in the council chambers just waiting for this class to be released so that I can get right into it.

Yeah, its likely going to be (elemental) traps and a golem/pet.

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To be honest, I don’t even want to theorize anymore. I will enjoy it when it is playable! :wink:

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How about a masterclass that is not designed for a specific type of damage [Fire, Ice, Poison, Void, etc.], but simply uses “Spell” [the power of raw arcane]?
→ That would then under circumstances / depending on the implementation even harder to equip. You could simply make all special damage boosts [for example +5 to fire spells] useless with respect to that.

That sounds like a transformation. The mage is portrayed/played as quite old and experienced, afterwards he is young, inexperienced and has only a few spells at his disposal during the transformation. Sounds good.

There could be various enchantments or curses or buffs, among other things, sounds exciting.

Yeah, even I dont want to go overboard theorizing. I just wanted to share my enthusiasm for this master class, and how much I am looking forward to leveling it up.

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It’s probably gonna be a rip off of Full Metal Alchemist. Brotherhood version hopefully. :smiley:

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