Runemaster suggestions for improvement

I have been having fun with runemaster , trying some builds and have a couple suggestions.

  • Frey’s retreat backswards jump is not needed and even cumbersome. The movement is not fluid and it hinders more than help- Also the location of the frost wall with it is not exact , making getting monsters inside the blizzard something thet doesn’t work always.
    -Fire runes are fun , I liked the ignite builds , but it would be better if we had a way to have some better sinergies . I ended with frost claw as an attack , and glyph of dominion and frost wall , and really they did the same , put something in the ground that adds dot damge. Either have some sinergy between both to add something or its just mashing buttons where one is really not needed . I preferred how you mixed blizzard + frostwall through a unique . Maybe you can do something like that to avoid button mashing?

Thanks for the game!