Runemaster Charged Reflections doesn't apply Arcane Mirror resists on first cast

When casting Glyph of Dominion with the Charged Reflections node the resists from the Arcane Mirror nodes to gain all resists do not generate additional ward on the first cast. It seems to be snapshotting Arcane Mirror resists before the cast. Subsequent casts where you are already in an existing Glyph (thus resists are all +75) it will generate the proper amount of ward per second.

I initially thought it was just a snapshotting bug in general for the Charged Reflections node, however, it behaves properly with the Prism Barrier node in the Focus tree and it will update the amount of ward generated per second if channeling or not.

Runemaster, Level 100 (LE Beta 0.9.2f) - Last Epoch Build Planner contains Glyph of Dominion tree nodes I have specialized.

edit Forgot to note I was playing online, I am not sure if that matters or not.