RuneBolt seems to slowly

Even when investing everything in casting speed. Using the skills sometimes seems little slower.

Anyone things the same?

It does seem a little slow. Might be deliberate though as its pretty strong. Especially once you learn the tricks with it to get rune combos. Did you know if you get the reverse rune order node the combo with Frost as the left rune creates a turret that spams Rune Bolts that use your tree? Its pretty brutal.

Did you mean “torrent of evocation” node?

The description seems a little bit different, that what you said.

“RuneBolt combo is now cast on a reversed order.”

Rune bolt has a base speed of 1.222 cast per second, it’s slower then most low cost spamable skill. For exemple the base cast speed of frostclaw, fireball and lightning blast is 1.467

I disagree a lot. I am of the opposite opinion, it gets very fast too easy to a point where casting Runic Invocations sometimes doesn’t work as planned because you press to early or too late and then the desired ruens don’t match.

Another disagree here.
Runebolt is one of my favorite skills and its utility is amazing. But especially as a standalone skill its damage is atrocious.

It is just factually slow, fireball/iceclaw/lightningblast have a base speed of 1.467 casts per second, so does rip blood and hungering souls for example. this seems to be the standard “filler skill” speed.

Runebolt has a sluggish 1.222 casts per second. its 17% or so slower then all the other filler skills, its only a smidge faster then casting meteor

But having seen some of the bullshit you can do with it, its def broken, just for all the wrong reasons and its a shame it cant be good at a baseline.

I agree, RuneBolt it’s seems pretty strong.

But the casting speed in my opinion it’s little bit slower.

When you take runestone node, it’s like a machine gun, but the conversion of amor shred in frostbite sometimes don’t work