Rune words

I would thoroughly enjoy a good LE version of ruin words. All of this being subject to change but for a baseline I would like rune words to be something you can master craft on an item seperate from regular crafting.

Master crafting will be its own crafting system.
You can craft 1 rune word onto an item for each 25 charscter levels you have. Level 100 being the max and a 4 rune word combo being max.

Similar to prefix and suffix there will be 4 types of ruin words each type tied to its level. Level 25 words being tier 1. Level 50 tier 2. Level 75 tier 3. Level 100 tier 4. Tier 1 affects/ buffs are weakest and tier 4 are strongest.

Tier 25 words are the proc words such as but nit limited to
When hit
On hit
On potion use
On dodge
When critically hit
Bla bla

Tier 50 75 and 100 are effects of what happens when the tier 1 word is procd such as but not limited to

5% more physical damage for 4 seconds.
5% damage reduction for 4 seconds.
Immune to poison for 4 seconds.
Bla bla.

With this system a piece of gear would now only be considered min maxed at tier t28 with 4 affixes you want and tier 4 mastery craft.

Mastery crafts can be removed for a gold cost. Crsfting a runeword on an item is 100% success rate.

I know it was a typo, but I feel that it would be an entirely appropriate name for the system/mechanic, given what happens in-universe.

IMO, the rune/ruin words should be independent of crafting, but I agree that there should be a hard limit of number of rune/ruin words a character can have. Not sure if they should replace the affixes on a piece of gear or not though.

Yeah mayne limited to certain slots. But I don’t want them competing for already competitive prefix/suffix slots

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