Rune Powercore

Can anyone shed some light on exactly what this is supposed to do?

Rune Powercore (bottom left node in Runic Invocation)
Gain Runic Energy While At 3 Runes: +1
While you have 3 runes and your combination of runes changes without casting an invocation, you gain Runic Energy.

I have tested this in numerous ways and I cannot see any discernible difference either just on it’s own (and obviously the two prereqs to get there) or with any other node (Runic Energizer or Arcane Battery.)

So because I’m not sure what it’s supposed to be doing, I can’t tell if its not working (a bug) or if there’s something I’m missing.

If you are always casting Fire skills (for example), this node does nothing, your 3 conjured nodes will always be Fire.

However if you are using multiple elements regularly, then every time your 3 conjured runes (showing above your char) changes, you gain 1 RE. So this is simply a quick way to build up RE if you are using skills with different elements.

If you cast Invocation, you will consume your conjured 3 runes, and thus need to build back up to 3 before this skill node kicks in (i.e. you need to use 3 non-Invocation 3 skills).

p.s. I have not tested whether this works, just giving my explanation of how I think it should work.

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What @Ghostlight said is correct.

One caviat to this however is:
Changing the order of the 3 Runes you already have (e.g. Casting Rune Bolt with 3 different elements or using the same 3 different Elemental skill) will not count as “changing combinations”

So going from FCL to CLF will not trigger the effect.

But going from FCL to CLL will work

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Thanks to both of you. This helped. The two builds I’ve been working with have both been based around 1 specific invocation so the rotation of elements is always the same.

Understanding this confirms it won’t work for what I’m doing BUT it sounds like the next thing I’ll probably play around with in Runemaster.

I will say, though, that I think the current ‘in game description’ for this node needs some major clarifying.

When I play with 1 specific invocation I like trying to use Immutable Order.

I do use Immutable Order which is precisely why, as they explained above, Rune Powercore doesn’t work. Because you aren’t rotating your runes.

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