Rune of Transmogrify?

I was thinking that the crafting system could benefit from a rune that changes not the values of the implicits, but the base item itself. Sometimes you find the perfect affixes on an item but the implicits are not what you’re looking for. A good example is when you find implicits that give bonuses to minions, but you are part of the 85% of classes that don’t use minions.


I actually think a rune for this would be interesting. I can’t really see any drawback on it considering it would most likely cost FP and it’s still a random chance to get the base item type you want.

Also I just like more crafting options in general.


It should probably be as rare or rarer than something like a Rune of Despair. But I like the idea.


I’m gonna bump this because I still think it’s a good idea and hopefully the devs see it.


Or a consumable to change the implicits. Like the idea as well.

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