Rune of Shatter not working as intended?

When using Forge and specifically “Rune of Shattering” I was able to shatter multiple items with a single Rune without the single rune being used up. The crafting items inventory visually did not show the item count of the Runes of Shatter going down either.

After about 10 shatters, the one and only rune I was using finally disappeared in the required slot on the forge. I then attempted to use another Rune of Shattering but after clicking the “shatter” button, the Rune disappeared but the equipment item failed to shatter. I followed up with 5 more attempts all failing to shatter the item but still using up the rune.

Player.log (619.9 KB)
I hope this is the log per instructions.

Thank you! You guys rock.

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I have exactly the same issue.

For me the number of runes didnt update until I changed zones. I had 20 runes when I joined the zone, was able to use 19 and it still said I had 20. After I used the 20th, thy all disappeared. It seemed like most crafting materials worked this way

Having the same issue, but it started after shattering ~10-ish items. The last two just burned the runes, but didn’t destroy item or give shards.

Player.log (286.4 KB)

I’m having the same issues, I shattered a full Stash tab of items whitout consumming Rune of Shattering. It still shows 40 Shattering runes.
The shards counter on the Inventory increases correctly but the rune counter stays the same at 251.
I attached the logs.
Player.log (1.2 MB)

Edit : the counter updated, now it’s at 9 Shattering runes.
Updated log :
Player.log (1.3 MB)

Bumping because I also have the same issue as described above

I’ve had this issue multiple times. I noticed it most recently when on a sentinal and trying to salvage a rogue item and it failed over and over again. This most recent time that it happened to me, I was at 0 runes, bought 2, and salvaged 2. After salvaging 2, it showed I still had 1 rune, when I went to salvage again it failed, but then set my runes to 0.

Hehe, just tested this again. went from 0 to 3 runes, used 3, interface showed 2 left, and then the next two failed to set me back to 0. Looks like there’s a mismatch between the UI and what is actually available.

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